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OverActive Media joins forces with other top organizations and talent to form a new global league

FEBRUARY 5, 2020 (LOS ANGELES, USA/TORONTO, CANADA) — FLASHPOINT, the world’s first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) league owned and run by team organizations, launches today. The groundbreaking new league was devised by the world’s top esports organizations, including OverActive Media, to address the core issues threatening the future of CS:GO esports: a lack of stability and long term investments and the immediate threat to team organizations of the establishment of a tournament organizer monopoly.

FLASHPOINT is a unique entertainment product, offering fans a grittier show targeted at adults that takes inspiration from the WWE and UFC. The new league will be played offline in a live studio environment with two seasons annually. The prize pool will be among the largest in CS:GO totalling over $2,000,000 in 2020. The goal for the ultimate esports league is to create an open, diverse league showcasing, celebrating and attracting the best CS:GO players on the planet.

B Site Inc. is a company funded by team organizations to create sustainability and prosperity for both players and team organizations  while delivering differentiated content and storytelling to fans around the world. It will maintain an open circuit championing new talent, with financial support for up and coming teams built into its infrastructure along with safeguards to competitive integrity, meaning partner teams are not offered a permanent seat at the table.

“We and the organizations that have founded B Site did so because there is no path to profitability or sustainability for us in CS:GO under the current system. CS:GO is the greatest esport in the world and B Site brings investors, teams, players, talent and tournament organizers together for the first time in a mutually beneficial long term partnership designed for today’s media savvy fans,” said Adam Adamou, CSO & Co-Founder OverActive Media.

The league is founded by some of the biggest team organizations in the world, including MIBR, Cloud9, OverActive Media, Gen.G, Dignitas, and c0ntact Gaming who have structured the league to provide the highest revenue share potential to teams of any major esport league. Players will receive the highest revenue share in esports, the largest revenue guarantee in CS:GO, and will have equal representation to the teams on the league’s Board of Governors. FLASHPOINT has retained the services of FACEIT who will act as league operator. 

Alongside the founding teams, some of the biggest and most respected names in competitive CS:GO have had a direct role in creating FLASHPOINT, including Duncan "Thorin" Shields who will act as Creative Director and on-air talent. Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles will be making his CS:GO casting debut and Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat continues his triumphant return. The lineup also includes CS:GO legends Dan ‘DDK’ Kapadia and James Bardolph, as well as Freya Spiers. The world class line up is completed by Jason "moses" O'Toole, Anders Blume, and Sean Gares. Masterminded by the best broadcast talent in the world, FLASHPOINT will offer a completely new entertainment product, crafting storylines and building personalities and content never before seen in esports, taking inspiration from the biggest sports entertainment products in the world. 

FLASHPOINT was created in partnership with some of the longest serving members of the community as a response to the current issues putting competitive CS:GO at risk, and is committed to establishing a new league that puts players and teams at the forefront of the operation. Each team in the league will be free to participate in tournaments outside of FLASHPOINT’s two annual seasons, including Majors or circuit events hosted by independent tournament organizers. 

Format Overview
Format Overview

For more information on FLASHPOINT please visit or follow the league on @FLASHPOINT.

Paulo Senra
Paulo Senra Head of Communications and Public Relations, OverActive Media



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